Nicole Cherubini: F

On View:  June 10 - August 19, 2017
Opening Reception:  Saturday, June 10, 2017 from 5 - 8pm

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Zevitas Marcus is pleased to present F, an exhibition of new sculpture by Nicole Cherubini. This exhibition will be on view June 10 through July 22, 2017 with an opening reception Saturday, June 10th. In her latest body of work, Cherubini has created a new series of interconnected, free-standing and wall-based works. F presents a showcase of Cherubini’s unique and experimental approach to sculpture. 

Continuing to work within the conversation of function and labor, Cherubini aspires to provide a non-hierarchical stratosphere.  In the free-standing works, large sections are represented as parts or masses to display the construction and need of separate and distinct segments to a complete a whole. Through each choice of material, color, and gesture, she aims to produce works that are singular in stance but inherently necessary to complete the exhibition as a whole.  In opposition to the confinement of a traditional canvas, Cherubini’s wall works experiment with forms that radiate and fill space. Transforming historical possibilities, her works is minimalistic, yet at the same time baroque.  Her engagement with clay presents an ongoing dialogue about the medium’s vast realm of possibility.  When the distinct minutiae, adornment and detail of each piece firmly occupies place: the foreground and background, object and support, wall and floor, disappear and meld into a psychedelic understanding of space and time.